Why do I recommend to use Firefox rather than Internet Explorer?

By | 2016/02/04

I usually use Firefox to surf the internet.

But I haven’t commend to use Firefox to someone, because I couldn’t find the good reason.

Now I found the reason.

If you want to delete the Firefox and setup it, the process is very easy activity.

Just go to the Program setup/remove(I don’t know exact word in English because my Windows XP is korean.) and remove Firefox.

And go to http://www.mozilla.org, download setup file and install it.

That’s all.

But If you want to do the Internet Explorer, you format the HDD and setup the Windows again.

Because IE and Windows are very closely together, So it cannot remove it alone.

A few days ago, my friend got rid of IE8. Then he cannot login to Windows XP.

Because the important file is deleted to remove the IE8.

So he formated his notebook HDD and setup the Windows XP again.

He lost some files and data.

But Firefox is independent with OS(Windows).

That is big merit.

Firefox and Internet Explorer is also program.

So they had some errors or bugs.

In that time, remove and re-install is very powerful and good choice to solve the problem.

Firefox can do that, but IE cannot.

Therefore I recommend the Firefox (also other browser such as Opera, Chorme, Safari, etc..) rather than Internet Explorer.^^

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