Long time no see^^

By | 2016/02/05

Long time no see^^

I haven’t written this blog for a long time.

Because I can’t write English well, and I forgot this blog.

But now I have a summer vacation.

So I have a time to write something in English.^^

Today I check the sagemath code to show the sentence right.

Sagemath is good software, but developers and users are familiar with English.

So they don’t have chance to see other character such as Korean.

I fix the two things.

First one is that I can’t read the description in sagemath notebook worksheet.

See… In editable area, the character is broken.

This one is right sentence.

So I suggest that the thing that is fixed this problem.


Second one is also unicode problem.

In the above picture, you can see the weird character in the righmost sentence.

‘현대선형대수학 8장 1 …’

That’s because string truncate function is very simple.

English is 1 byte, but Korean is not 1 byte, 2 or 3.

But truncate function is just cut the string by byte-oriented.

it means it dosen’t care about one character, just byte.

So I fix this problem and report it.


After that I play the game. Starcraft and Dungeon and Fighter.

In dinner time, I went to the mart.

I bought a bunch of banana and a box of currant tomato.

And ate the banana.

So I’m full.^^

Now I read the book that name is ‘God is Not Great’.

and sleep.^^


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