Coding with Python and PHP

By | 2016/02/05

These days I make the module and plugin in Sagemath and Textcube.

Sagemath is made by Python and Textcube is made by PHP.

So I read and understand Python and PHP code. Then I modify and add the code to serve the specific service.

But I have a lot of trouble.

For example, in Python, there are no semicolon(;) in the code as compared with C or PHP.

Sometime, I write the Python code, but I click the semicolon button when one expression is done.

It is OK that when I run the Python program, the debugger or something that is running while python is executed say error message and line number.

But if I run the PHP code with error code that is not semicolon at end of the one expression, I don’t see any error message. I know that this code is bad with seeing the wrong result. There is no error information such as wrong line number in code. So I read the PHP code all and test it expression by expression. It’s very hard work.OTL

However, I finish writing and testing the code. At the tomorrow morning, I see result to Prof and Doc and say about plan.

It’s time to sleep.^^




Now I write the post on the MS office word.

As you can see, my English is not good. So I want to be supported from program and people.

So I write this on MS office word program and post it my blog.

Please help me to write comment.^^

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