Throw V3 Internet Security 2007, Welcome V3 Lite

By | 2016/02/05

I use V3 vaccine program about 10 years.

About 10 years ago, I use V3 dos version. I can’t memorize that program name exactly, but It worked on the dos not windows 95 or 98. So it was not easy to scan the virus and fix it. So I bought the vaccine program named V3 Pro 97 made by Ahnlab.

Since that, I have registered it every year. And upgrade the program from V3 pro 97 to V3 Internet Security 2007 Platinum.

But there are personal free version vaccine program made by Ahnlab. V3 Lite( So I don’t register the V3 program. I remove it and setup the v3 lite.

There are no firewall and anti-spyware function. But it works fine and I haven’t been infected spyware or V3 Internet Security couldn’t find it whatever. So I don’t care about it.


Tomorrow is weekend. But I will prepare the TOEFL, make the homepage with PHP and study about kernel. I think it’s so busy day.^^;;

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