I start to read the book – The Count of Monte Cristo

By | 2016/02/08

A few weeks ago, I bought some novel books written in English. But it is hard to read it because I don’t have any experience to read English novel. So I hadn’t read this.

However, I want to read the novel that I love. The Count of Monte Cristo. But there are no book translated into Korean. Therefore I read English book.

First time, it’s very hard to read it because there are so many words that I don’t know meaning. But I can understand the conversation between characters. Because I’ve read Korean version book. So I read this and draw line under the word that I don’t know meaning. Second time, I read it again and search the dictionary. Last time, I read it again and understand the word’s meaning and enjoy the story.

And I found the some expressions.

  1. obsequious towards his superiors and insolent to his subordinates
  2. A cloud passed across Danglars’ brow.

First one is sentence to describe the Danglars character. I know people don’t like the person who has that kind of character. Second one is interested because I know the same expression in Korean.

Today I read the first chapter and there are 117 chapters in this book. So maybe it takes more than 120 days to read this all. But I love this novel, I enjoy it.

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