Cutting salt

By | 2016/02/08

Today, I read a article that is about to recommend people to cut salt on their meal.

Study: Cutting Salt Can Have Big Health

The study shows that if people were to cut salt that they consumed, it were droped of many cases of heart diseases. And it will be saved a lot of health care costs.

The daily recommended amout of salt is 6 g. But average U.S.A man consumes 10.4 g and woman do 7.3 g. Then I have a question.

What about the Korean man?

Because I’m Korean, and I think we take the salt more because of Kimchi.

The average Korean man consumes 14.9 g of salt each day; the average woman, 12.2g.

Wow! It’s very surprised fact! The researcher said Korean man took a lot of salt from Ramen and woman do from fried fish. And also Kimchi has salt more than recommend amount.

About me, I don’t eat Ramen these days, and I don’t like to eat fried fish. But I think I take salt likes average Korean man, because I like salted food such as Kimchi or other side dishes.

From now, I swear that I decrease to eat the salted food. But I don’t know how much I do. Just cut all kind of salted food? or a half?

Now I live in dormitory, so I ask to nutritionist in the dormitory cafeteria about how much I do that.



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