type my nickname on the Google search textbox

By | 2016/02/08


My nickname is NoSyu. It’s output from the function that I made it with weird sub-routines. However, I lost the excel sheet file that is written about the function and forgot the input text. So I don’t know about meaning of nickname, just use it.^^

Now I am curious to know that how many do I type characters, if I search the my nickname in Google. NoSyu is 5 characters, so I typed from N to u. After pressing the y button, there are suggested query texts under the search text box, and there is my nickname, NoSyu. Yes. The answer is 4.

It’s not funny, but I just want to know about it because someone search the his nickname.^^

I am putting on the ‘NoSyu’ tag to this article. So maybe it also show that if someone search the ‘NoSyu’ on the Google.^^

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