Night or Dawn

By | 2016/02/08


From now, I start to write the post about anything that I’ve seen. So I take a picture and upload in post.

Now It’s on 4:28 a.m. I’ve done my homework, actually that is a test not homework. The deadline is 12:00 p.m today, so I’ve done very hard.

After uploading a homework sheet to school internet site(, I know that I’m in a dark room with bright two monitors. Large one is main monitor, and right one is notebook panel. And I can see a red light from MS optical mouse.^^

I have a question. This time, is it a night or dawn? It’s very important because if it is night, I should go to bed. But it’s not I just read a book to write a report.OTL

I don’t know exactly, but I’m so tired. I can’t read any sentences!

Bye~ and tomorrow… No. today I will write new post!^^ See you~

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