Vending machine, TV and Clock

By | 2016/02/08


Yes. There are vending machine, TV and Clock.. also door!^^ In the dormitory, there are two lounage in each floor. But vending machine is only odd number floors. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11.

I live on 9th floor. Therefore I usually see that machine. Acutually I don’t like a coke, so when I eat a chicken or pizza, I drink coke with it.^^

And also I don’t like watching TV. Then How can I get the news? Just surf the internet~ It’s very easy to read the article.

Clock? Well, I have a wristwatch on my left wrist. So whenever I want to see the clock, just get my left hand to my face.^^

That’s my dorm’s lounage. So I just take a picture about it.

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