Bus ticket from Busan to Suwon

By | 2016/02/09


This is a bus ticket from Busan city to Suwon city. It costs 23,200 won.

Until now, I’ve taken the bus from Busan to Seoul. Why? It’s cheaper than this. That costs 20,900 won. Seoul is farther than Suwon from Busan. But there are so many people takes the Seoul-Busan, so there are 45-seater buses at that line. But Suwon-Busan is not. Therefore only 27-seater buses are.

But my campus is in Suwon city. So it takes 1.5 hour from Seoul Bus terminal to my campus. On the other hand, Suwon bus terminal, it takes about 30 min.

So there is dilemma between time and money.^^ Until now, money is always won, but now time is very important because if time is long and long, I’m very tired and exhausted.

That’s my first ticket from Busan to Suwon. So I took the picture.^^

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