Bicycles at the front of subway entrance

By | 2016/02/10


A few days ago, I visited my cousin’s house. Because she had a baby and took time off from work.

After getting out from her house, I and other cousins went to subway station.

When I saw the subway station, I just shocked because that building looked too old. There are several cracks on wall and dust also. Especially there are so many bicycles at the front of the subway entrance. First time, I think it’s a bike store but it’s not. It’s a parking lot!

Maybe people who live near the station ride a bicycle from home to station and take the subway to go to school, work or other place. Maybe… Because I never seen or hear it before. And around the SungKyunKwan station, there is also bicycle’s parking lot, but it’s little bit small.

Now I have a question. There are so many bicycles. Then is there a keeper who care and watch it? I think it should be there, but I think that’s free parking lot. But maybe it has the fee to park there, and then it must hire the keeper.

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