Empty softening agent tub

By | 2016/02/10


Now I used all softening agent… Is it right? I search the word in Korean-English dictionary (http://endic.daum.net) and it said 섬유유연제 = softening agent or fabric conditioner. However when I watched ‘Big Bang Theory’, Sheldon said like this.

FYI,the hot water is inadequate on machine two,so colors only, and four is still releasing the fabric softener too early in the cycle, so I’d avoid using that for your delicates.

Big Bang Theory Season 2 Episode 1

Yes. He said ‘fabric softener’, not that one. Well, aaybe it’s like a dialect or same thing but word is different.

Anyway, I used that entire one, and I have refill things. But the type is different. Therefore I clean the tub and dry it now. I’m going to fill the refill one and use it.^^

Behind the empty tub, there is a kitchen detergent, orange color one. Actually I live in dorm, so I can’t cook food in dorm. But there is a microwave oven in lounge, so sometimes I burn Vienna sausage or frozen dumpling. At that time, I used dish. So after I eat that, I should clean the dish using detergent. Thus I bought that one.^^

In fact, it’s too hard to find the funny and interesting one to upload my blog. So I just take that one and explain it. Next time, I find the other one and say it.^^

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