Checking HTDP Korean manuscript

By | 2016/02/10


These days, I check the manuscript about HTDP Korean version. I just read it and see the wrong codes and words. And arrange this checklist, I will send it to book company that is published it.

It’s little bit easy, because I know about programming, Scheme and English.(Ah.. also Korean!) First, I read the Korean script and find the misspelling. Second, compare with original book written in English. Third, test the code on DrScheme. If I find the errata, I’d write the checklist on hwp file.

From now, I know that HTDP is good book to study and practice the programming when reader is beginner. Because it starts from very easy one and expand the concept to make.. no design the program. If I studied with this when I was freshman, I’d be a very good programmer.

I think this job is ended at the end of this month. After that I studied about probability and statistic. Now I search the good textbook to study about it. Does anyone know the good textbook? If you know that, please recommend the book!

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