mosquito bite me

By | 2016/02/10


This is my foot. You can see a lot of red spots. Those are the mark that were bitten by mosquitos during the last night.

At that time, I chated with my friend and junior at the front of dormitory main gate. We were talking about MS, Apple, Google, graduate school, paper and professor. It’s so fun, so I lost track of time. But there were so many mosquitos, and they bite me.OTL

At the morning I was very itchy. But now it’s OK because I’ve applied medicine. I have that spots on my feet, toes, leg and arm.OTL..

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to Namhae and visit my grandmother. Then I’ll go to Busan. I’ll come back to Suwon on friday in nextweek. Therefore I’ll not write the post.^^

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