2010/07/25 – Today meal

By | 2016/02/10


Today meal is introduced meal that I’ve eaten in one day. I took a picture and explain about it.^^

This is the lunch. I eat in dorm’s restaurant(cafeteria). Bibimbap, dumpling, pickled radish, Kimchi, bean-paste soup and yoghurt. It’s tasty.^^


This is the dinner. It also dorm’s cafeteria menu. Rice, Yukgaejang(육개장), Juipo(쥐포) and pumpkin Jeon(전). Yukgaejang is good, but Jeon is not. It was gotten cold(Is it right sentence?). In fact, Jeon is great tasty when it is hot.OTL


At midnight, me and my friend chatted about entering a graduate school, USA’s illegal immigrants ploblem and Korea’s one. While we talked, I drinked a soybean milk. They said it includes calcium. But I don’t know that when I drinked it.(How can I know?^^)

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