Seminar for a job seeker

By | 2016/02/12


This is a class for students who is finding a job. In fact, I’m going to go to the graduate school, but after that I will go to the company. So I think it will be helpful when I look for a job.

This presentation’s subject is how to make a specification for self-introduction. It’s very helpful. The presenter said you should divide the 2 axises, ‘pros and cons’ and ‘correspond with job or not’. Then write about all your things and classify those to 2 axises. Now you can see the frame of letter of self-introduction.



This is another class. He also said about self-introduction and preparing the finding employment.

Well.. Actually He and other speaker said very similar subject. Find your pros and cons, Search information about jobs and companies that you want to go, etc.. Therefore it become boring. However, I think that is the most important mind for a students who want to get a good job.^^

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