MATLAB for student

By | 2016/02/12


There is a poster about MATLAB for student. In fact, MATLAB is very powerful and useful tool to study about engineering course. But it’s too expensive to buy it. I searched the price about 2 years ago, student license is about $120. Well.. Someone think ‘What? It’s very cheap!’. But for me, it’s not.

Anyway, They sell the MATLAB&SIMULINK student version to only student. And it costs about 55,000 won. Well… now the won-dollar exchange rate is 1119.50 won per dollar. So 55,000 won is same as $49.13 USD. Wow!

But… I don’t buy this one.. maybe in the furture, I don’t use it, because it’s commercial version’s cost is very high. And I know another choice, SAGE or other opensource SW.

Anyway, if you are the student in Korea, you can buy MATLAB very low price.^^

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