Two Burger King Whopper with a price of one

By | 2016/02/15


In thesedays, Burger King in Korea do event that if customer buy a whopper burger, then he/she can take one more.


In fact, that event is related with social commerce… No, smartphone application, KakaoTalk. In this messenger application, I can make a company friend such as Outback, Lotte department store, etc. So if I made a friend with that company, I can get the information related with events, coupons, etc. Especially, Burger King send coupons very often and that store is located in my campus. Therefore I enjoy this.


I don’t know that this service is existed other countries. I heard that many people in ther world use KakaoTalk to chat with his/her friends. I think this kind of service is quite good cause customers can enjoy the coupons, company can notice the its information or advertisement easily and KakaoTalk get money!(It means this service can keep going)

Anyhow I enjoy eating two burgers with one charge.^^

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