Starbucks tumbler

By | 2016/02/15


My lab member went to Seattle, WA USA to see the WSDM 2012. After she came to Korea, she gave a tumbler to lab members. She said it only sells in Starbucks 1st store named ‘PIKE PLACE MARKET’ where in seattle. However she has another version of tumbler that is published in 2009. This is published in 2011. It’s new one!

In fact I don’t like coffee so I don’t know about Starbucks well. However I think it’s little bit unique one especially in Korea. So I am thankful to her.^^


In this tumbler, there is a note to describe about it and a few tips to enhance the enjoyment.


At the bottom of it, it’s made in China. Well.. in fact, several years ago, I’ve been to Japan. At that place, they sell several remembrance things. However it mostly made in China. So I felt it’s weird. That feeling was also apperaed when I saw this label.^^;

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