Popular jjambbong in Korea

By | 2016/02/15


This is jjambbong(짬뽕) which is Korean style champon. In fact, I never eaten champon yet, so I can not distinguish between jjambbong and champon. Anyway we can eat this at any Chinese restaurant in Korea.

Unlike common jjambbong, this one is very popular one. As you see, there are so many mussel, sliced pork and squid. And taste of soup is not oily even if there are many ingredients.

If you want to eat this, you can go to Gunsan city and find the restaurant named ‘복성루’. That restaurant opens from 10:30 to 16:00. I recommend that you should go to there early, because many people wait to eat this. We arrive at there at 10:20, so we could sit on a table. But other people who arriave late waited about 30 min to sit a table. Then you can understand that this food is popular.^^ – Google Maps

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