Presentation in ACL 2012 held at Jeju island

By | 2016/02/15

From July 8 to 14, ACL(the Association for Computational Linguistics) conference is held in Jeju island, Korea.


I submitted the short paper and it is accepted. So I did oral presentation at July 11. My paper name is ‘Self-Disclosure and Relationship Strength in Twitter Conversations‘.


It’s my first time to do oral presentation in conference. In fact, I never registered any international conference. So I didn’t know how to explain my paper and progress of conference. Therefore I do volunteer at Monday to check about it. It’s really helpful to understand the conference and oral presentation situation.

So I did it. It’s 10 min oral presentation and 5 min Q&A time. But many people had questions and comments to me. In fact, I exhausted to do oral presentation. So I couldn’t concentrate the people’s words exactly. That’s my mistake. OTL

Anyway I’ve been to Jeju island to attend the ACL 2012 and EMNLP 2012 conference. I saw many papers and oral and poster presentation and met new people. That’s wonderful experience, so I write about it.^^

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