Sagemath with Phone

By | 2009/07/24

  Now I make the WAP Page in Sagemath notebook.


  You can write the sage code in textbox. 예제 1 means example 1. So click the 예제 3, you can see example sage code like this.


  Example code is ‘plot(sin(x), xmin=-2*pi, xmax=2*pi)’. Click the ‘실행(Evaluate)’ Button. Then you can see the code and result.


  I said it is for phone. So Dr Kim tested this his phone. His phone is Samsung SPH-W5000.



  We can see right result on the phone. We test this on phone that is sold in Korea such as Samsung Anycall, LG CYON.

  And I test this on phone emulator also.

c4 c5

c7 c8

  It works fine.

  It works good on the phone that is sold in Korea. So we make this Korean interface. Then Korean people use sagemath on the phone easily.

  Now we imporve and expand this. So test it and report bug or bad things.

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    1. NoSyu

      기존에 있는 것에서 인터페이스만 추가한 것이라 그리 대단한 것도 아닙니다.OTL…
      오픈소스는 이렇게 열려있기에 자신이 원하는데로 맞춰 쓸 수 있다는 장점이 있네요.^^


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